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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Donation levels:

Any Donation $25+:

Invited to attend any competition we play in

Team Decals or Pins

Your funding helps us buy screws, wires, stock materials, hand tools, etc.


Bronze: $100+

All of the above, plus ...

Your funding will help us buy large and vital parts of the robot (motors, cameras, gearboxes, etc)

Company or family name listed on our website


Silver: $500+

All of the above, plus ...

Your funding will help us buy new shop tools and equipment like 3D printers

Small 3D-printed or laser-cut trinket as a memento of our gratitude

Priority placement of company logo or family name on our website


Gold: $1500+

All of the above, plus ...

Your funding enables us to build outreach robots and practice robots to refine our skills and engage the community

Guided tours of our workshop and our competition pit (where we repair and upgrade the robot between matches)

Company logo or family name included on banners in our competition pits

Framed and signed team photo


Platinum: $5000+

All of the above, plus ...

Enable the team to participate in an additional regional or national competition

Company logo or family name included on team T-shirts (worn at the competition) and on the robot itself

We will bring our robot to a company or personal event of your choosing for a live demonstration and a chance to drive the robot yourself.


Your donations to team 2404 help create STEM opportunities for our students in the San Gabriel Valley.  We are based at 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. So All contributions are fully tax-deductible. Tax ID 95-4796093


Thank you for supporting our team! 

To inquire about donation opportunities. please email with the subject line sponsorship.

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